Nail Care

Please note: There will be an extra $18 for Gel Color and extra $20 for French Gel for all acrylic nails listed below.

Nail Enhancements
Acrylic Full Set $35
Acrylic Fill $25
Acrylic White Tip Set $40
Color Acrylic Set $40
Solar Pink & White Set $40
Solar Pink & White Fill $30
Pink Fill $20
Glossy Gel $5
French/American $5
Nail Designs $5&up
Nail Repair $3&up
Nail Polish Hands/Feet $8/$10
French nail Polish Hands/Feet $10/$12
Remove Gel or Fake Nails $10
Fake Tip for one toe extra $5
Gel Color Manicure $35
French Gel Manicure $40
Gel Painted Nails $20
Gel Painted French Nails $25
Gel Color on Toes $22
French Gel on Toes $25
Gel Soak Off Application for Hands $25
Gel Soak Off Application for Toes $30
NexGen/Dipping Powder
French Nexgen Manicure $40
French Nexgen w/ fake tips $45
Nexgen 1 color on real nail $35
Nexgen 1 color put tip on $40
Nexgen pink & white put tip on $45
Nexgen Toes 1 color $35
Nexgen Toes 2 colors $45
Princess Menu

For Ages 12 and under
Includes all the benefits of the Spa Manicure/Pedicure

Tween Manicure $12
Tween Pedicure $20

nail care