Out of consideration for other clients and a total relaxation, please mute all cell phones and keep all phone calls to a minimum.
We encourage you to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your schedule to allow plenty of time to park your car and check in. Appointments will be held for 30 minutes, after this grace period we consider this as a "NO SHOW" and the appointment may be given away.

We strictly require a 24-hour notice of cancellation for all services. Please keep in mind that "no shows" and "last minute cancellations" leave our beauticians with empty appointment times. We may have also turned away other guests who could have enjoyed that time slot.

Child Policy
Our services are reserved for you and other clients for a total relaxation. For this reason and for insurance liability, we are not responsible for your child's injuries or accidents.

Pedicure Flipflop Policy
We provide a pair of flipflops for you to slip on after the pedicure is done. Remember that these are NOT designed to drive cars or walk out of the salon. These are strictly designed to hold your feet why waiting for them to dry only. We are not responsible for any accidents using these flipflops outside the salon door.